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Chicane Apps Available | October 2015

Chicane now has an app for both iOS and Android. Just follow the links to the right!

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Middle lane hogs | October 2013

Driving back from the Approved Driving Instructor National Joint Council, (ADINJC) conference last night, it seems apparent that there will be ongoing middle lane hogs on the motorway, despite the potential of on-the-spot fines if caught doing so.

I can understand other drivers’ frustrations as they become tempted, (as I was last night), to undertake in lane 1. How can we re-educate?

All I can do as an instructor is to make sure my pupils know and understand these rules and hope that in the next ten years middle lane hogging becomes more infrequent.


How do you know if your driving instructor is fully qualified? | March 2012

Learning to drive is a valuable life skill. You want to be sure that the person teaching you is properly qualified, right? After all, you are – to some extent – putting your life in their hands! But did you know that instructors can teach before they’re fully qualified? And what can they do to continue improving when they are qualified?

Fully qualified driving instructors must be registered with the Driving Standards Agency, which entitles them to use the letters ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). An ADI has to pass three exams to gain this status and they then carry a green octagonal licence in the windscreen of their car.

However, an instructor can teach before they have passed all three of their exams. At this stage, they are still training and need to gain valuable teaching experience before they can take their final exam. A partly qualified driving instructor (PDI - Potential Driving Instructor), carries a pink triangular licence in the window.

But don’t worry, before they’re even allowed to take you on the road, all instructors must pass two stringent qualifying exams:

  1. Theory Test - 100 questions
  2. Practical Driving Test

These are to a much higher standard and are delivered in much finer detail than the theory and practical tests you will take to get your licence.

Instructors need to know how to teach, as well as being able to drive well. Their driving and teaching ability also improves through experience, which is why they can do some teaching before taking their final Part Three exam:

  1. Test of Instructional Ability

This final exam simulates a real driving lesson but the examiner plays the part of the pupil. It allows the instructor to show the examiner that they will be able to cope under different conditions, correcting faults and making sure the pupil understands what has to be rectified.

But it doesn’t have to stop at Part Three. Since becoming an ADI in 2004, I have continued to improve my driving by taking other driving courses. I have passed advanced driving tests with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

These courses gave me even more knowledge to pass onto you. Learning road skills should never stop, even when you’ve been driving more than 20 years, like I have! Road conditions, the Highway Code and the number of vehicles on the road all change over time, so you need to keep learning to stay safe.

I will carry on with Continued Professional Development (CPD) to improve my techniques even more and I’ll soon be doing RoSPA’s National Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction. I have also recently joined the Approved Driving Instructor National Joint Council (ADINJC), which meets annually to discuss instructing, cars and anything related!

So you see, it doesn’t stop even when you pass your driving test!

To book lessons with an experienced, and fully qualified instructor, contact David now.

Local Volunteering
| Sept 2011

It has been a very worthwhile experience helping local schools with extra-curricular and vital activities through the Bromley Education Business Partnership, a body that works hard to educate youngsters, preparing them further for the world of work.

The “Dragon’s Pen” activity is one I have relished as I have seen fantastic creations produced in a morning from a classroom full of keen students!

AUTUMN 2011 NEWSLETTER - click here

Theory Test Information | August 2011

Play this worthwhile video to help you prepare for your Theory Test. This is from the official suppliers to Driving Standards Agency of Theory and Practical Test help for pupils.

CLICK HERE to see a video of how to book your Theory Test online...

Traffic Signs | December 2010

This link is perfect for ALL PUPILS; help yourself by looking through these traffic signs for free.

YouTube DSA Video Updates | October 2010

A NEW update from DSA regarding information for both Theory and Practical Tests...


‘Independent Driving’ to be added to Test |
June 2010

This YouTube video is a must see for all pupils.  Changes being introduced from 4th October 2010 state that ten minutes of independent driving will take place within your forty minute Practical Test. Click here

Theory Practice | April 2010

I will endeavour to help you with Theory Test preparation during a driving lesson and advise on the Hazard Perception part too. TEST YOURSELF while walking as a pedestrian around your local area; you’ll be amazed how many nearby signs you had never noticed. All this will help your understanding of what you will do during your driving lessons.

Look at ROAD MARKINGS; think why they have been painted in a particular place... if you’re not sure, ask me and I’ll take a look before your next lesson! I know that cycling really helped me when I came to learn to drive as I better understood basic rules of the road.


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